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We implement the following functionality.

An Excel 2010 user defined function that correct glucometer readings based on our calibrated measurements. To use, do the following:
  • Make the Developer tab visible in the ribon
    • Choose File, Options, Customize Ribbon, then in the right hand listbox (titled Customize the Ribbon), ensure the checkbox beside Developer is checked.
  • On the Developer tab, choose Add-Ins
  • In the Add-Ins dialog that pops up, click the Automation... button
    • In the Automation Services dialog that pops up, scroll until you find Glucose.Functions
    • Select Glucose.Functions
    • OK out of both dialogs (if you get a "Cannot find add-in 'mscoree.dll'. Delete from list?" dialog, choose No).
The function CalibratedGlucoseMeter(measuredValue) is now avialable.

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